IMG_3991 (Medium)Lovely Day Meeting, Dancing and Talking to the Veterans at

308 Colchester ATC.

Then Taking Part in Carnival.

Not so Easy Jiving and walking at the same time.

Very Busy Town Centre.   IMG_3971 (Medium) IMG_3964 (Medium) IMG_3985 (Medium) IMG_3979 (Medium) IMG_3984 (Medium) IMG_3992 (Medium) IMG_3956 (Medium) IMG_3952 (Medium) IMG_3991 (Medium) IMG_3953 (Medium) IMG_3990 (Medium) IMG_3972 (Medium) IMG_3950 (Medium) IMG_3968 (Medium) IMG_3963 (Medium) IMG_3966 (Medium) IMG_3948 (Medium) IMG_3969 (Medium)

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