IMG_6063 (Medium)Dj, Teaching and Dancing.

Birthday 40s Dance at the Home of the Land Army Girls

Stoke By Nayland.

Afternoon Tea Dance Marks Tey Hotel.   IMG_6106 (Medium) IMG_6116 (Medium) IMG_6105 (Medium) IMG_6072 (Medium) IMG_6077 (Medium) IMG_6069 (Medium) IMG_6086 (Medium) IMG_6078 (Medium) IMG_6064 (Medium) IMG_6118 (Medium) IMG_6073 (Medium) IMG_6062 (Medium) IMG_6095 (Medium) IMG_6063 (Medium) IMG_6065 (Medium) IMG_6074 (Medium) IMG_6090 (Medium) IMG_6068 (Medium) IMG_6112 (Medium) IMG_6089 (Medium) IMG_6096 (Medium) IMG_6097 (Medium) IMG_6079 (Medium) IMG_6082 (Medium) IMG_6098 (Medium)

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